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I Have a Literary Agent!

Anyone who is familiar the trials and tribulations of traditional publishing knows that the first gate is always the hardest to cross: that of getting a literary agent.

I’m beyond grateful to finally have crossed that first gate! I signed my contract early this morning, and am thrilled to be officially represented by Deborah Warren of the East West Literary Agency.

With Deborah Warren of East West Literary Agency at the East West Literary Agency Party 2019

I first met Deborah at the SCBWI-L.A. Writer’s Day Conference in 2018, where she invited me to send her a copy of my manuscript. I did and she gave me some helpful pointers for revision, and invited me to submit when I was ready. Since then she has been a constant source of encouragement and guidance. In 2019 she invited me to her agency’s soiree at the SCBWI Summer Conference and I knew then that one day, when I found a manuscript worthy of her attention, I would be part of the East West family.

She reminded me about this yesterday—along with the contract, she sent me a group photo we took at that event.

2019 East West Literary Agency Party , Los Angeles, CA

You’ll notice I was hiding partially behind all her amazing clients and publishing friends because back then I felt I wasn’t worthy of being part of such an amazing group.

Fast forward 3 years, several manuscript revisions, classes at UCLA Extension’s Writers’ Program, and critique groups later, I was finally able to send Deborah a manuscript she loved and could represent. Beyond grateful to be working with Deborah and East West Literary and looking forward to the next few gates I’m going to cross in this crazy, joyous publishing world!

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Maiko Morotani
Maiko Morotani
Jul 25, 2022

Congratulations!!!! This is beyond exciting!!!!

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